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How to lose that fat butt and gut… you may be surprised.

January 14, 2012

By T. Charles Frey, M.Ed., B.S., Author of “The Fat Truth About Fat Loss”, available at and

So what should you do to lose some inches from your waist or trim some size from your hips?  Or for that matter, what should you do to lose fat from any place that you have problems keeping off excess body fat?  Well, most of us have spent some time doing sit-ups or crunches to try thinning our waistlines.  Many of us have also spent time working the hips or thighs with special exercises to target the fat in those areas.  Perhaps you have used the common inner and outer thigh machines in your targeting efforts.  Maybe you have gone after the giggly area on the back of your arms with some unique exercise that makes those areas feel the burn more and more with each repetition. This has to be the way to burn fat from an area, right?  I mean, work the area with the fat, make it burn, and voilà, the fat starts burning off from that area.

As much as it might seem to make sense that you should work the areas that you want to lose the body fat from, this is a very common mistake that people fall into.  The fact is your muscles are not directly connected to the fat that surrounds them, and you don’t force fat from around specific muscles to be burned when you work them (the burning feeling is actually sugar being burned).  Fat enters your muscles from the bloodstream which brings fat from all over the body, not directly from a targeted area.  Your genetics actually determine what areas will store fat the most and from which areas your body will take fat into the bloodstream for burning in the muscles.  Unfortunately, your problem areas many times are the locations where your body has decided to store fat first, and take it from last; you can’t change this fact.

So what should you do to lose body fat from problem areas?  The main concepts that need to be followed are to limit caloric intake and to burn large amounts of calories by focusing on working large muscle groups with most of your efforts.  You will burn more fat from your belly by working the larger muscles of the legs or back than you will by working the small muscles of your belly region.  Since all muscles take in fat from the blood and not directly from the area being worked, it only makes sense to spend more time working larger muscles that will take in more fat from the blood.  While it might seem counterintuitive, trust me when I tell you that you will lose more fat from your gut or your butt by working other areas that can burn more overall calories.


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  1. Great post! This information cannot be stressed enough! “spot training” or whatever you chose to call it, doesn’t work!

    • Thank you and you are so right, too many people fall for the fallacy of spot reduction either by honest mistake or due to opportunistic product manufacturers. The more the truth and facts can be put out there, the more people will be able to find success in their weight-management efforts. My goal for this blog and my book is to do just that, help people see the truth when it comes to fat loss. Thank you for your support and feel free to pass along the blog link to any who you think might benefit from the topics.

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